Man at Desk

Type A

We refer to the A category as vanilla facilities. These are straightforward first, second or third charges which have very few nuances, if any.

Example: Auction Finance – Buying at auction is daunting if you don’t have finance in place. We can provide indicative terms so you can bid confidently, in the knowledge that should you be successful, your financing needs are already taken care of.



Type B

We refer to the B category as exotic facilities. These facilities are more complex than Type As, and so require a little deviation from the standard facility processes.

Example: Bespoke Facilities – this is our specialty at Quivira. These are facilities that need a commercial view on any of the crucial factors that make up a deal. This can be anything from the nationality of the borrower, the exit strategy or the LTV. All decisions are made by our in house Credit Committee who meet each day to discuss cases.


On the Phone

Type C

We refer to the C category as bespoke facilities. These facilities are written on a case by case basis and require a completely unique and bespoke approach.

Example: Development Finance – Quivira can fund up to 70% of the GDV of a development project. We lend to experienced developers only unless a developer can show that his or her professional team can take on a project.

We understand that whilst mainstream lending is familiar to most people, and that securing lending from alternative sources can sometimes be daunting and complex. If you have been searching for a lender who works with you to help you to facilitate your long-term goals with short-term lending, look no further. Contact us today to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.