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Training anxiety out of the decision-making process

Experiencing stress when making crucial decisions is a natural reaction to pressure, and one which some people argue gives them a business edge.

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Mastering the art of negotiation

Securing the perfect deal is like a game of chess – you are constantly anticipating your opponent’s next move, whilst also keeping your end goal in sight and sticking to your strategy.

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Five way to improve your negotiating technique

Some great advice from our Director Rajiv Nathwani on how to improve your negotiating techniques

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How recruiters can effectively work with SME's to find their ideal candidate.

Our Director Seema Kavi talks to about how Recruiters & SME's work together to find their ideal candidate.

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Bridging lender secures £30m of funding

Bridging lender Quivira Capital has secured two funding lines totalling £30m in the first half of 2017.

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Four questions to ask before choosing an Investor.

Our Director Rajiv Nathwani talks to Virgin about how to choose your investor.

2016 became the year of the start-up, with a record 80 new companies being born an hour. With this growing number of new companies looking for investors, the market is becoming increasingly saturated with demands for an investor that can do it all and tick all the boxes.

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Boardroom Diversity

Our Director Rajiv Nathwani shares his thoughts on boardroom diversity

According to an article in 'Asian Business', British Asian entrepreneurs have backed a damning report which urges UK companies to have at least one ethnic minority by 2021.

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Why property needs to be key focus in the Autumn Statement?

Our Director Rajiv Nathwani gives his view on what the Autumn Statement should focus on.

With the Autumn Statement taking place next Wednesday, housing is likely to be a key issue. Philip Hammond is expected to unveil a fund of up to £5bn targeted at small- and medium-sized developers.

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Autumn Statement 'helps ordinary working families'

Rajiv Nathwani responds to Watford MP Richard Harrington’s Autumn Statement published in the Watford Observer.

Watford MP Richard Harrington praised today’s Autumn Statement, saying he was proud that it helped "ordinary working families”.

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Autumn Statement 2016: £2.3bn housing infrastructure fund launched

Rajiv Nathwani shares his thoughts on the £2.3bn housing infrastructure fund

In his inaugural, and surprisingly last, Autumn Statement, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced a £2.3bn Housing Infrastructure Fund to deliver up to 100,000 homes in areas of high demand.

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SMH House builders

Rajiv Nathwani’s support for SME House builders.

With just 24 hours to go before the Autumn Statement, the industry has spoken out on what it hopes and expects Chancellor Philip Hammond to announce tomorrow, with housebuilding measures and the reversal of buy-to-let taxes topping the wishlist.

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Stamp Duty

Brexit or stamp duty – what’s really to blame?

Rajiv Nathwani,  founder and director of Quivira Capital voices his opinion

The latest House Price Index from the Office of National Statistics revealed a calming of house price growth from 9.7% in the year to June, to 8.3% in the year to July. UK house prices rose by half a per cent between June and July, yet when you step back and look at the number of housing transactions reflected in the July data, it’s clear that many of these sales would have been underway before the referendum, raising the question; did Brexit or stamp duty cause a shift in the housing market?

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