About Bridging

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The Bridging industry is booming. The demand for short-term finance for business and commercial purposes is ever-increasing. Bridging and commercial finance can be useful in a number of different situations and is appealing to businesses in all industries. It is renowned for being a fast-paced, dynamic and facilitative industry. With faster drawdowns, efficient legal processes and fluid lending parameters – the higher rates are seen to be a price worth paying.

Initially the bridging industry was created as a tool to assist homeowners who found themselves in a precarious property chain. Following the credit crunch and aftershocks of 2008, many mainstream lenders became overly cautious with their lending and borrowing criteria, and operated a rigid and restrictive approach when making lending decisions. This created a prime environment for Quivira Capital and other bridging finance providers to thrive.


At Quivira Capital, we simply do not believe business should be done using rigid criteria and measures. We offer fast and flexible financing solutions to our clients. We only engage in asset-backed secured lending, and the UK property market serves as our security in almost all of our lending. Our approach is a new one - we work with our clients to achieve their goals. Let us be a part of your business success story.